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oraculus hangar

Solution for
Asset Management
and Maintenance 

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Have a connected flow and effective management through an assertive process divided into modules:


Be easily audited by ANAC  issued reports in a few clicks



  • Aircraft registration up to 3x faster

  • Documents centralized in a single environment

  • Management reports in a few clicks and more assertive

  • Interface with the commercial to control between approved budgets and service orders



  • Control of approved contracts and budgets

  • Centralize agreements made with customers, enjoy better organized monitoring with a focus on loyalty

  • Interface with other modules



  • Store technical supply budgets

  • Control input and output of part numbers

  • Review reports on stock and repairable movement, stock status, pending purchases, and purchase orders

we listen to your workshop


of the maintenance workshops
are not fully satisfied
with the current system*


of the workshops that control via spreadsheets have already used some system, but have regressed due to the lack of cost-benefit*

The big workshops

they miss a tool that incorporates their elaborate processes in a more practical way in their daily lives

The small workshops

see the current systems for managing CTM in the market as excessively expensive and complex for their work routine

* Information obtained through a Market Research carried out by Konatus

our system does not answer you 100%?

we unite experience & competence
to customize the system according to
your shop's business rule

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