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Team Konatus is multidisciplinary, the  different areas of knowledge complement each other, making it possible to analyze problems from different points of view and deliver more value

Our experts offer Training & Consulting for people looking for continuous improvement

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Operational management

  • ​​Flight Data Analysis System (FDA)

Maintenance Management

  • MSG-3 Practices

Critical Systems Certification

  • Introduction to Software Certification (DO-178 C)

  • Military Aeronautical Certification

  • Information Security (Software Protection)

Management Quality
of Risks

  • SGSO Risk Management

Human Factors

  • Safety Culture

systems engineering

Reliability and Safety

  • Reliability


  • ARP 4761 - Guidelines and Methods for Conducting the Safety Assessment Process on Civil Airborne Systems and Equipment

  • ARP 5150 - Safety assessment of transport airplanes in commercial service


  • Flight operational data analysis (FDA/FDM/FOQA)

  • Maintenance data analysis (MOQA/HUMS/PHM)

  • Analysis of test results data

  • Security and reliability reviews

  • Certification support  

  • Systems Engineering Fundamentals​

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