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Flight Operational Quality Assurance (FOQA)


The course is aimed at providing participants with the basics, knowledge and expected difficulties of an implementation of FOQA, it deals with the importance of de-characterizing the data, the minimum functions that a company must have to implement FOQA and the importance of each of the functions .


The course also addresses the importance of flight data analysis to implement FOQA, the importance of optimizing the thresholds that define each event in order to optimize the analysis, and provides examples of FOQA analysis based on the parameters suggested by AC120-82. The benefits of implementing a FOQA program on an airline will also be discussed.


  • Provide participants with knowledge about FOQA;

  • Provide participants with basic knowledge about FOQA-oriented flight data analysis;

  • Have participants encourage the application of a FOQA program in their companies.

Program content

  • Introduction to FOQA;

  • Difficulties expected from FOQA;

  • FDR data management for FOQA activities;

  • Suggested FOQA Implementation Schedule;

  • Role of Gatekeeper, Analyst and Manager in FOQA analysis and who can access what types of data (for decharacterization of data);

  • Basic analysis of FOQA parameters, addressing the importance of refining the levels that define events;

  • Benefits of implementing FOQA.

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Target Audience

  • Businessperson

  • Managers

  • Administrators

  • Managers at the administrative level

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Basic aeronautical knowledge​

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Support Tools

Computer to access hands-on exercises with the demo software provided

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Dates and Investment

Please consult Konatus' Team for information regarding upcoming classes and values

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