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The course is structured to provide participants with basic notions and knowledge about activities related to Aircraft Maintenance Control (CTM).


The training may be appropriate depending on the background and objectives of the group of registered participants.


  • Identify and interpret the legal requirements applicable to a Maintenance Technical Control Sector;

  • Identify and interpret the regulations applicable to the airworthiness control of aircraft in an airline's fleet;

  • Understand the organizational structures and the different activities that are performed by Aircraft Maintenance Control;

  • Develop a broad vision of MRO's activities and responsibilities, to support the implementation or improvement of related methods and processes.

Program content

  • Introduction to the Aircraft Maintenance Management System

  • Technical Terminology, Basic Concepts and Definitions

  • CTM Functions and Organizational Structure of Maintenance

  • Applicable Aeronautical Legislation; (RBCA 23, RBCA 121 and RBHA 145 among others)

  • Manual Systems of an Airline Company and an Aircraft Maintenance Company

  • Minimum Equipment List and Maintenance Program

  • Documentation Structure

  • Primary and Secondary Records. Record Keeping and Transferring

  • Pilot's Flight Diaries and Technical Report

  • Aircraft, Engine and Propeller Logs

  • Aircraft Maintenance Schedule


Target Audience

  • Managers, Managers, Administrators and Persons in Charge of the area who carry out activities in Aircraft Maintenance

  • Engineers and Technicians with experience or aeronautical training who work or intend to work in aircraft maintenance companies or airlines

  • Administrative staff who already work or intend to work in Aircraft Maintenance Control (CTM) activities

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Aeronautical Familiarization Course or similar or minimum experience of one year in activities related to Aircraft Maintenance


Support Tools

Notebook / computer to access hands-on exercises with the demo software provided

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Dates and Investment

Please consult Team Konatus for information regarding upcoming classes and values

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