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and skills

Konatus performs with excellence its competences that can be applied as solutions in several sectors

Creation of
data lake and
data warehouse

Decisions are made based on data

The challenge lies on understanding how to best store them and turn them into relevant information for process automation and business analysis


Konatus develops and delivers an agile, rich and reliable database environment to support decision making

Data Lake and Warehouse

high density data processing

Business operations increasingly process large volumes of data in less time

How to get quick answers to high-impact decisions?



from raw data to engineering data, with user-defined analysis parameters



data to provide fast visualization with minimal latency



Explicit real-time business (filters and data edits)

High Density Data

Pattern Identification and Trend Analysis

Studying patterns and trends intelligently and robustly ensures a better understanding of customer behavior

Repetitive behavior points out trends and provides excellent market insight

  • Development and support of pattern identification and trend analysis platforms


  • Diagnosis and data prediction to generate information, visualizations and visibilities that allow inferences and support decisions

Patterns and Trends

DATA audit

Responding to audits is inevitable, but it doesn't have to be painful

Critical processes demand continuous ability to control, monitor and report sensitive information to higher authorities and regulatory bodies

Automate your process and be more confident and assertive on addressing non-compliance issues


Creation of data and information audit mechanisms, based on three pillars:  

  • Data to investigate (suspicious)

  • Compliance Rules  (criteria to be followed to achieve or prove compliance)

  • Reference data: normality parameters or good functioning

Data Audit

security  and 

Tranquility is priceless

Design robust processes with little margin for failure


Critical systems demand constant security and reliability monitoring, following standards and concepts dominated by few software specialists worldwide


Delivery of a secure environment of virtual ecosystems and platforms, monitored and  supported according to strict international principles of Security and Reliability for software and systems in general

Reliability and Safety


Identify procedural bottlenecks in your operation

Support on making assertive decisions regarding optimization actions


Model operational processes for digital automation and greater efficiency  

Have in hand the recommendations of actions to minimize flow time between bottlenecks

Operational Logistics

Control  the transformations undergone by the asset throughout its life cycle


Draw conclusions about the risks related to certain events regarding your asset

Preserve your most valuable business assets and oversee risks taken based on data-driven decisions

Have a platform for asset lifecycle management



Digital system for risk classification in operational processes according to the risk matrix



Management of
assets and

Asset and Risk

monitoring of  marketplace

Stable and reliable virtual environments are essential to make your business easier to operate ​

Understanding customers' business and customizing its rules on a platform with quality, security and reliability​

How common are customer complaints about platforms due to glitches and instabilities?​


Designing virtual environments to facilitate business transactions

  • Fast execution​

  • Configuration flexibility​

  • Easy integration​

  • Quality and reliability ​


Set of pre-engineered components for quick, customized assembly

  • Experience and wisdom of those who have already implemented dozens of projects​

  • Semi-finished blocks speed up the implementation process and ensure robust security​

  • Flexibility allows for any changes throughout the project​

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