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SGSO Risk Management


The course presents a systemic approach to risk management in Operational Safety Management Systems (OSMS). It introduces the tools and methods needed to meet the SMSO requirements in identifying and controlling risk.


  • Employ risk identification and analysis techniques

  • Solve practical exercises for prioritizing key risks

  • Apply traditional operational security management tools effectively

  • Employ specific procedures developed for aeronautical operations

Program content

  • Risk Theory

  • Risk Management in the SGSO process

  • Hazard Identification

  • Fundamentals of Operational Safety Risk Management

  • Probability, Severity, Tolerability and Control

  • Operational Safety Risk Analysis, Strategies and Control

  • CA/DO-178C

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Target Audience

  • Engineers;

  • Managers;

  • Technical;

  • Students;

  • Interested professionals who practice  SGSO-related activities and operational risk control

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Basic Knowledge of Operational Security Management Systems

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Support Tools

Not applicable

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Dates and Investment

Please consult Team Konatus for information regarding upcoming classes and values

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