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Military Aeronautical Certification


The course presents the concepts, definitions and interpretations of requirements related to aeronautical products of the Aeronautics Command (COMAER) that requires a Certification process. Emphasis will be given to the relationships between the Certification programs (Design, Production and Airworthiness), and the management principles of these programs.


  • Describe and present the concepts, activities and management of certification programs corresponding to the product lifecycle.

  • Identify the stages of the certification process throughout the life cycle of the system or complete onboard aeronautical product (aircraft);

  • Describe the main aspects related to the initial application, documentation and responsibility for conducting the process;

  • Recognize the requirements contained in the Guidelines (DCA) and/or Instructions (ICA) of the Aeronautics Command (COMAER) regarding the aeronautical certification of its products and their interpretations;

  • Distinguish the responsibilities of the authorities involved in the stages of the certification process.

Program content

The training covers the concepts and  definitions, management principles, regulations (DCA/ICA) and aeronautical certification procedures, contextualizing its application in various stages of product realization and highlighting its potential to mitigate design errors, in addition to compliance with a mandatory contractual clause.

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Target Audience

Technical professionals from different areas who need to acquire basic knowledge about aeronautical certification of products for military use.

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Dates and Investment

Please consult Team Konatus for information regarding upcoming classes and values

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