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Introduction to Software Certification (DO-178 C)


The course is intended to describe and critically analyze the software certification and documentation process in accordance with the RTCA/DO-178C standard.


​Discuss the RTCA/DO-178C software certification process. Present and describe example of applicable documentation. Differentiate the software certification process from the conventional certification process for other aeronautical products.

Program content

  • Process Overview

  • Software Planning Process

  • Software Development Process

  1. Requirements Definition

  2. Software Project

  3. Codification

  4. Integration

  • ​ Support Processes

  1. Verification and Validation

  2. Configuration Control

  3. Quality warranty

  4. Certified Interfaces

  • Additional Considerations

  • Tools

  • RTCA/DO-178C standard supplements

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Target Audience

  • Engineers;

  • Managers;

  • Technical;

  • Students;

  • Interested professionals who exercise functions in projects and certification, in the areas of systems and software

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Basic aeronautical knowledge​

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Support Tools

Not applicable

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Dates and Investment

Please consult Team Konatus for information regarding upcoming classes and values

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