Technologies for a safer world

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Technologies for a safer world

About Us

Konatus is an innovative company, composed by professionals who have wide experience and solid academic background in system engineering, software development and project management. Our solutions include development of decision support systems, safety-critical system development and certification; operational management; maintenance optimization; data monitoring and analytics. We integrate a multidisciplinary team which achieves excellence in several knowledge fields.

Konatus is known for its commitment with customer, seeking for excellence and continuous improvement of its processes; therefore, Konatus is in conformance with the requirements established by AS 9100 Rev.C. We are actuating in: Aerospace, Defense, Automotive, Healthcare

“Nossa paixão está em fazer, a nossa experiência é a inovação, energia dos jovens e a sabedoria dos mais experientes.”



Sandra Rocha

Administrative Manager

Júlio Cesar Teixeira

Product Development Manager