Technologies for a safer world

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Technologies for a safer world


Inumerous possibilities of control with ORACULUS PHM

The ORACULUS system consists of a computational package for health determination and remaining life estimation of systems or equipment. Basically, information is collected from the item under evaluation from installed instrumentation. Then, this information is transferred to a central processing station, in which the time evolution of the measured parameters is evaluated and, according to predictive mathematical models, the remaining life time of the analyzed equipment or system is estimated.

Exchange information through a secure environment.

On the Oraculus platform the information to be analyzed can be de-identified avoiding unnecessary exposure of your business. In this environment it can be defined access profiles in different contexts, according to the organizational interests.

Estimate the residual life of your equipment.

Oraculus PHM estimates the remaining life of your equipment, based on the temporal evolution of measured parameters, evaluated on the basis of predictive mathematical models. Oraculus PHM algorithms overcome the conventional preventive maintenance paradigm and allow the adoption of condition-based maintenance or predictive maintenance using innovative artificial intelligence concepts.

Assess the risk of your operation.

With Oraculus PHM it is possible to evaluate the probability of occurrence of failures, under different operational conditions and for different scenarios of possible maintenance interventions. With this information in hands, the decision maker is able to define the most appropriate time to perform a maintenance intervention, taking into account aspects of operational safety, direct maintenance costs and other logistical aspects.

Determine the quality of your predictions.

The analysis algorithms of Oraculus PHM are classified according to the quality of the results of their analyzes (error and hit rates).

How the system works

Compliance demonstration
Maintenance Cost Savings
Alerts for Decision Makers
Easily Auditable
Maintenance Control System
Condition Based Maintenance
Real Time Failure Monitoring
Anticipated Diagnosis of Abnormal System Behavior

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