Technologies for a safer world

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Português do Brasil (pb) English (en)

Technologies for a safer world


The patient’s health first

Standardize your safety notifications

The record of safety notifications in Oraculus Healthcare is made according to standards established by the WHO, in such a way that notification and classification of adverse events are made unambiguously, directly and intuitively. The user interface for safety notification is very intuitive and can be accessed via computer, tablet or smartphone.

Assess risks to patient safety and health

Assess risks to patient safety and health with Oraculus Healthcare is made through a systematic approach of analyzing adverse event reports and evaluating event outcomes.

Carry out active search for adverse events

On the Oraculus Healthcare platform, the active search for more frequent and critical adverse events, such as hospital infection, can be performed through continuous monitoring of patient information and actions taken by health.

Improve the quality of your services applying an efficient bed management

Oraculus HealthCare enables bed management in hospitals based on continuous monitoring of patient information, actions taken by healthcare professionals, and resources availability. Oraculus Healthcare optimized bed management enables better allocation of resources in the treatment of patients.

How the system works

Automation of the risk assessment process
Continuous monitoring of patient information
Monitoring of actions taken by health professionals
Assessment of resource availability
Active search for adverse events
Bed management

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