Technologies for a safer world

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Technologies for a safer world


DART keeps your aircraft flying in blue sky.

Flight data analysis in a quick and intuitive way.

DART is the fastest FDM / FOQA solution for raw data conversion into engineering data and flight data analysis according to user-defined rules. The user interface excels by elegance and simplicity, being easy and intuitive to use.

Create your own performance indicator
with complete flexibility.

DART allows the user to define their own analysis parameters according to a logic that is most convenient to them, through a very friendly interface. In addition, the user can define sets of parameters in order to perform repetitive analysis, as well as to establish global indicators for operations and equipment conditions based on recorded or produced parameters.

Integrate your analysis results with risk
management tools or 3D simulations.

The results of DART analyses are easily exported to risk management tools or 3D simulation tools. Konatus partnership with Safety-Line enables flight data analysis and operational safety risk analysis in a integrated environment called Safety Management Suite, capable of integrating DART and Safety Cube tools.

Flight Data Analysis Process

Reduction of air safety events
Improvements in flight data analysis productivity
Standardization of operational procedures
Easy integration with AQD
Savings on insurance premiums

Free download of demo version of DART tool.