Technologies for a safer world

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Português do Brasil (pb) English (en)

Technologies for a safer world

Mission, Vision & Values


Konatus mission is to provide high quality solutions for the development and operation of complex systems.


To be a market leader in the development of decision support systems and in providing services related to the development of safety-critical systems, operations and maintenance optimization, and data analysis, performing its activities in a sustainable manner and driven by company’s values .


Result Oriented – We encourage Konatus workers to achieve results through the definition of goals and bonuses. We understand other values of the company as means to achieve the expected results .

Excellence We continuously strive to acquire and maintain technical knowledge in the state of art , in all the fields related to company activities . We pursue excellence in planning , organization, method and analysis, in order to ensure product quality and to exceed the expectations of our customers, employees and suppliers .

Respect We understand all employees as individuals with their personal needs , and as the main factor of the organizational success . We work cooperatively with our customers and suppliers, respecting  the environment.

Professionalism We act ethically always based on transparency, responsibility , commitment and seriousness.

Efficiency We strive for continuous optimization of organizational resources. We strongly work focused on solving needs arising from real demands of

Innovation We encourage curiosity , creativity and initiative, tolerating risks inherent to the innovative process , focused on the development and strengthening of the intellectual capital of the company.